Indonesia International Logistic IIL ( Indonesia Shipping ) is the cheapest Indonesia to Andorra export courier, without additional courier fee. Deliver goods fast, secure and guarantee arrived immediately.

Estimated Export Costs from Indonesia – Andorra


3-5 DAYS

3-5 DAYS

3-5 DAYS

5-7 DAYS
1 850.000/kg 1.130.000/kg 940.000/kg 920.000/kg
2 450.000/kg 820.000/kg 700.000/kg 510.000/kg
3 460.000/kg 650.000/kg 570.000/kg 490.000/kg
4 355.000/kg 590.000/kg 500.000/kg 400.000/kg
5 300.000/kg 540.000/kg 460.000/kg 360.000/kg
6-10 350.000/kg 480.000/kg 430.000/kg 380.000/kg
11-15 310.000/kg 470.000/kg 360.000/kg 310.000/kg
16-20 280.000/kg 440.000/kg 330.000/kg 300.000/kg
> 21 Call Call Call Call
      • The price displayed is the price per kilo in units of thousands and in rupiah
      • The above prices do not include a 3% surcharge
      • Price includes fuel surcharge
      • Price does not include tax, VAT, Permit, Fumigation, Remote Area (for remote areas you can check on the respective courier’s website)
      • Terms and Conditions

Documents that need to be prepared to send goods

Commercial Invoice you can download it here :
Packing List you can download it here
List of goods that are not allowed to enter for this country

Goods Export Services

Tips for looking for goods export services to Andorran Country

Some of the things that you should consider to support your business in develop a business to Andorran Country include choose a freight forward company that can synergize and support your business.

The follow: some tips you should pay attention to in order to find reliable, safe and fast goods export services, namely Look for references to export services that pay attention to quality of their services, namely goods delivery services that already trusted. Then pay attention to the level of ease and practicality of delivery so as not to make it difficult for you or your customers to take care of goods at immigration or customs.

Then also pay attention to the cost of shipping the item, look for the cheapest price with the same service facilities. For this reason, choose Export Services to be your shipping service partner because  works with well known International Couriers. Such as : Aramex, Tnt, Fedex, Dhl. Which have been proven for years to provide fast, safe, easy, cheap and definitely reliable delivery services.  The fastest, most reliable & cheapest delivery service to Andorran Country.

Export service to date have always been ranked as fast, most reliable and cheap. This is because always prioritizes service quality to consumer, work quickly and maximal, and cuts all costs that can be reduce so,  can provide the cheap rates to consumers with excellent service quality.

The policy of the Andorran government is very strict regarding the rules for the export and import of goods.

What item can be sent?

Of course, all goods can enter Andorra, there some goods that can be allow to enter Andorran Country. And there are some goods that are not allow to enter Andorra depending on the provisions and policies of the Andorran Government.

You can read the types of goods that not allow to enter Andorra on website page. You can check and learn about them by visiting website page.

Examples of some items that not allow to enter Andorra are Grains, herbal products, Batteries, Haz, Infectious substances, Haz and Non Haz Perfumes, Oxidizers, Magnetic Materials. Goods of Israel, and many more, be you can see in the list of Goods that not allow to enter Andorra. And you can see official details from Andorran Government by pressing the Click here button below.

While types of goods that not list in the list of prohibited goods to Andorra. And can be sent, use service all type of goods that legal, accompanied by export document and support certification such as halal certificate and certificate of origin of goods.

How much does it cost to export goods to Andorran Country?

Determination of the cost of goods export delivery services is determined by the actual weight and volumetric dimension weight, the determination uses a reference which is greater between the actual weight or the volumetric dimension weight. You can weigh the actual weight with an ordinary scale, while you can measure the volumetric dimensions yourself with the formula (length x width x height)/5000.

So if you send goods weighing 1 kg but the goods are in very large packaging so that the cubication of the goods becomes large, then the fee charged refers to the volume of the goods, not the weight of the kilograms of goods. The service fee for sending export goods to Andorra is not expensive if you use,  which you will find in the table at the top of this page.

These costs are all inclusive with the cost of picking up goods from your place, administration fees at the Indonesian immigration and customs offices, as well as shipping costs to your consumer’s destination wherever the place is.

Check price or rate / service fees for export of goods from Indonesia to Andorran Country

How do I find out the cost of shipping goods to Andorran Country?

The method is very easy, you can visit and check it through the  Website then pay attention to the export column and type in your destination country (Andorra) then a price table for Indonesia – Andorra Export Fees will appear under the column, with three alternative prices, namely by standard Courier ARAMEX, FedEx, TNT and DHL.

Besides that, you can also calculate for yourself how much the export service costs for the goods you want to send, by weighing the actual weight of your goods and measuring the weight of the volumetric dimensions of your goods, then look at the price list for the goods with the grouping of the weight of the goods on the website page.

Advantages of delivery services from to Andorra

– The fastest is the fastest export delivery service because  guarantees the delivery time for export goods to Andorra in less than a week.

– The easiest shipping  provides services by taking care of everything Administrative matters of sending your goods at the Immigration and Customs Offices both in Indonesia and in the destination country.

The cheapest The cheapest service is Moto  because  works effectively and suppresses all costs that arise to the lowest possible cost so that  can provide the cheapest rate, this price is already includes a fuel surcharge and includes the cost of picking up goods from your place, tracking fees between countries, administration fees at destination country immigration, customs, even the cost of sending goods from the airport/immigration to your destination address. All additional facilities provided by  are free of additional costs and free of additional Courier fees

–  No MOQ or No Quota

Sending your goods using  can process directly regardless of weight without waiting for a certain quota and without giving a limit on the weight of goods that you must send.

– Practical

Equally important,  is very practical because  provides an all in one service, namely the facility to pick up goods at your place, take care of all export document administration, take care of administration at Indonesian immigration, take care of administration at Immigration and customs in Andorra, then deliver the goods to your destination address wherever it is. So that all your shipping matters are guaranteed to be easy and practical, all you have to do is call our customer and our courier will solve all your problems. Shipping goods to Andorra can be done easily and affordably. Even the goods will be picked up by the team to be sent to Andorra without bothering you. also provides goods delivery services to all the cities of Andorra.

– Trusted

This is the most important thing that  always provides excellent service with the best goods delivery service and guarantees that the goods you send arrive at the consumer destination safely, securely, intact and not diminished in the slightest.

How to use the Export – Import delivery service

How to use the delivery service ?It’s not difficult, it’s very simple and very easy, you can visit the  website and then check the export costs to Andorra.

The following are the steps you can take to send goods via,  namely:
  1. First, you can contact our customer service whose WhatsApp number is on the top right or in the footer of the website page.
  2. Then Customer Service will provide an estimated price for shipping goods to Andorra.
  3. Then make the payment via transfer to the company account whose account number is listed on the price estimation sheet.
  4. Then we will issue an Airway Bill, and prepare export documents, packing lists and invoices.
  5. Then our Expedition Vehicle will pick up the goods to the address you provide, and re-weigh and measure the volume of the goods you will send.

If there is a difference in the weight of the item from what you previously reported, the last measurement by the  courier will be used as a benchmark and reference for payment.

So simple right? Don’t forget to study carefully the list of items that can be accepted or not allowed to enter the country. You can learn in advance all the terms and policies for export to Andorran Country on the  web page where preliminary information has been explained about the list of export fees, conditions, list of goods that can be accepted in the destination country, how to calculate costs for goods with a large cubication, and some of the destination country fiscal policy.

To get a more detail explanation about the fiscal policy of the Andorra state or if you want to negotiate prices because the volume of your goods is relatively large, then you can contact our customer service whose number is located on the far right of the web page to request a more detail explanation or request a price quote.

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