Air Freight


In the “need it yesterday” business world, air freight plays an important role in your company’s global supply chain. Each year, via global carriers, more than $ 6 trillion of goods are transported by air – or goods worth $ 18.6 billion a day.

Your customers have set the bar high when it comes to service, responsiveness, and quick fulfillment. Whether you need to ship temperature-sensitive immunizations to patients quickly, get your high-dollar electronics to retailers for a big promotion, or send a critical part to a stalled assembly line within a few hours, air freight is the solution. Indonesia International logistik provides maximum levels of flexibility and optimization for all your air cargo needs.

The fastest way to get goods from Indonesia to their destinations, air freight helps you reach these and other time-sensitive projects by providing fast delivery of cargo while minimizing unexpected delays or obstacles.

The Services Provided

by The Company Are:

  • Put your time-sensitive cargo on the next available departure

  • Leverage better rates by consolidating your shipments with others

  • Save money with deferred shipping options on your lower-priority orders than can wait a few days

  • Minimize handling and potential damage for fragile shipments

  • Reduce warehouse storage costs

  • Gain end-to-end control and visibility over your supply chain

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