Short words, and feelings of confidence, formed over the years

Chairman’s Message

Ir. H.Ismail alatas M.Kom Chairman

There’s no doubt that the one-thousand-mile journey starts with a step, to develop the present we must keep a clear vision for the future. Today, we have a variety of activities in the investment, commercial, and industrial areas.

We’re not looking to expand locally and regionally only, but we’re looking to expand and widespread globally at all levels.

Setting our mind on the principles and values on which we grow up on, and which we developed our big family’s with (Indonesia International Logistik). Investing in human development is the basic foundation for success in any business, our concept of success relates to how satis­fied our customers and meeting their aspirations and needs.

From here, started the idea of creating this company, on which underwent an enormous amount of studies to reach the best ­tatting strategies to develop Professional Power Company. (Indonesia International Logistik). That practices a complete set of commercial activities in support services, HR management and logistics services that aim to provide all administrative, operating, recruitment, training and equalization services, which will focus primarily on the Saudi Market in both the public and private sectors, that relies on the raising level of services, to progress in its capabilities to present a high quality service from a carefully selected trained personalities.

The establishment of this company is a part of the growth and development in all elds and aspects in Indonesia, especially on the logistics services eld.

We’re striving to continue improve our performance and the best, we’re looking for new opportunities to increase our activities in and outside of Indonesia. I pray to Almighty God that (Indonesian Companies) in general and (Indonesia International Logistik) in particular continues its path and participation in developing the growth of our national economy.

Ir. H.Ismail alatas M.Kom

Chief Executive Officer Message

Lala latifah Chief Executive Officer

Indonesia International Logistik that have been founded on a commercial, intellectual and creative legacy, and on an investment activity that have been around for more than 20 years, based upon a long experience of founders.

The fact that Indonesia International Logistik seeks to achieve leadership of the highest quality and accuracy levels in performance, in all its tasks and projects, makes us achieve an outstanding results through the provision of support services, achieving maximum satisfaction for its customers. So, our aspirations in the next coming years, depends on making every e‑ort to expand and diverse our investment activities on the service sector. Setting our minds on a variety of ideas to improve existing projects, by contributing in handling various obstacles that might be encountered, especially in administrative and marketing aspects, boosting its exigency to be leading and competitive. Also, monitor and follow up on the development of these selected projects, for its growth in the local market and consistently research on promising investment opportunities in the global markets.

The mechanisms of achieving the company’s message, is based upon applying our genuine values, which is the concentration on the customer satisfaction. And, the ­rst thing that matter to us is to maintain Human Resources, growing it and adopt positive initiatives, innovative and create a positive working environment.

As we strive to achieve the owner’s aspirations on leading and mastering in the business world, makes us put our minds on the following approach “leadership in providing services” as a slogan for our company, through our steady commitment to contribute in the overall growth of the current support, administrative, logistical services and the research for an available market investment opportunity. What have been mentioned here represents a solid base for the future of the company and its launch in the markets, to achieve maximum satisfaction with customers, to become the number one company in the activities we exercise, creating a new promising investment environment at various levels.

Lala Latifah
Chief Executive Officer

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