Google rolls out ‘Nudge’ feature in Gmail, here’s what it does

Google recently brought some new features for users through its Gmail service. The emailing platform already has received a major design overhaul followed by the ‘smart compose’ feature. This time the search giant is rolling out the ‘nudge’ feature that reminds you about an email based on the time you’ve mentioned. The new ‘Nudge’ feature in Gmail lets you set a particular time and date when a particular mail will show up again in the inbox. This is powered by artificial intelligence, said Google at the time of unveiling.

“When your inbox is flooded with emails, some will inevitably slip through the cracks. Luckily, the new Gmail can help. It will now ‘nudge’ users to reply to emails they may have missed and to follow up on emails for which they haven’t received a response,” said the company blog post.

As a part of the feature, the AI will scan through all your emails to find the important ones and reminding it again. The feature is visible on the top right corner and brings the particular mail on top of your inbox.

The feature will be turned on by default but it can also be switched off manually. This can be done by going through the Gmail Settings.

Just a few days ago Gmail’s web version got the ability to work even when there is no internet connectivity. This means you can’t just read the emails but also archive them, delete them, write and search as well, all without the need of an internet connection. Al these tasks will be synced online and across devices once they get the network. You would need Chrome browser version 61 to get this feature.

Gmail has already made its ‘Smart Compose’ feature live for users. The aim of the feature is to make sentence writing process quicker. It is secretly hidden as an experimental feature.

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